Emergency work


A building at risk of collapse, appearance of cavities under a road, etc. Contact SOLINJECTION® urgently!

Our dedicated emergency teams can operate anywhere in France seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

If you are very worried about the stability of a building, a road, etc. due to the appearance of voids, cavities or unexplained cracks. Contact us on 0810 100 380.

SOLINJECTION® takes care of the diagnosis and performance of emergency work.

  • Soil study
  • Reinforcement of cavities and  buildings
  • Emergency filling using polyurethane foam

Emergency work: Leakage of water

Town hall - School

A technical solution adapted for various types of damage

  • Emergency filling of cavities after the natural or accidental collapse of the original soil 
  • Emergency reinforcement


The advantages of our solutions



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