Settled slabs, cracked walls, don’t let your property deteriorate any further!

SOLINJECTION® has effective solutions to your soil problems. 


Cracking walls due to a problem with the soil or settlement of a slab are not insignificant phenomena. They confirm the weakening of the structure of your building as a result of movement in its foundation soil.

Stabilization does not happen spontaneously. Rapid, effective intervention by SOLINJECTION® will prevent further deterioration and limit the cost of repair work.

We adapt our solutions to the specific needs required for repair.

Our experienced teams have a wealth of experience operating in occupied residential sites.


A technical solution adapted for various types of damage.


  • Differential settlement of certain clayey soils (natural disasters, 10-year civil liability insurance, contractor’s liability insurance)
  • Soil decompression (10-year civil liability insurance claim, soil erosion following water leakage).
  • Soil load-bearing strength fault (construction on backfill)
  • Settling of sunken paving
  • Settling of roads and utility networks or swimming pool decks


A damaged house


The advantages of our solutions




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