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Determining the causes of a soil-related problem is not easy work. Indeed, it requires an in-depth knowledge and study of a number of parameters.

It is necessary to determine:

  • The nature of the different characteristics of the soil
  • The status of the soil/structure interface
  • The characteristics of the infra and super-structure and, in particular, their rigidity
  • The environmental impact
  • Etc.

SOLINJECTION® engineers do not simply sell a soil treatment. Depending on the context of our intervention, our engineers propose an overall solution that integrates all of the site’s parameters in order to ensure the permanence of your structure.

Pathologies treated 

  • Differential settlement of a foundation, paving or roadway caused by initial bearing strength inadequacy of the soil or accidental decompression (for example, water leakage, or uncontrolled settling of soil close by),
  • Differential settlement of the foundation of a load bearing structure, paving, roadway or utility networkfollowing the movement of plastic soils due to shrinkage-expansion phenomena (for example, natural disaster),
  • Raising sunken paving,
  • Movement of industrial, roadway and motorway paving,
  • Filling cavities underneath paving slabs or foundations.

Note : In our experience, the definitive consolidation of a structure often involves the implementation of a combination of solutions.

Advantages of SOLINJECTION® solutions

Compared with repair techniques in conventional sub-structures, the injection solutions offered by SOLINJECTION® have many advantages :

  • They are less destructive and intrusive
  • Shorter work performance time. Our different solutions very considerably reduce the out-of-service time of the premises, loss of use and loss of operation of commercial and industrial premises.
  • Very limited site installation. The injection equipment is contained in a truck. The impact on the surroundings is very limited compared with conventional techniques.
  • Work is not affected by weather conditions. The injection procedure entails the pre-heating of the resin, work can be carried out regardless of the outside temperature (with the exception of deep ground frost).
  • The work is often less expensive than conventional techniques.  


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