Our Technologies

The SOLINJECTION procedure comprises a number of solutions for numerous cases of soil consolidation. These different solutions are described in the following table: The distribution of a structure entails the implementation of various solutions with different associated techniques.

Our procedures:

Solutions Purpose of treatment Type of structures treated  
SOIL COMPACTING® Improvement of the soil’s load bearing capacity Foundations of the load-bearing structure - Paving Find out more
SAFE CLAY® Treatment of plastic clayey soils Foundations of the load-bearing structures - Paving Find out more
RENFORSLAB® Raising sunken paving Paving in residential, commercial, industrial roadway and utility network sites Find out more
RENFORJOINT® Treatment of paving movement phenomena Industrial, roadway paving. Find out more
RENFORVOID® Filling underground voids and cavities Crawl spaces, cellars Find out more

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