Our warranties

SOLINJECTION® leading player, operates throughout France from regional divisions

Solinjection® joined forces with well-known partners to exercise its business with professionalism and quality. Our procedures are covered by a 10-year warranty by SMABTP, a leader in the construction professionals and public works insurance market.

Fast operations

The work performed is a lot less constraining than a conventional repair worksite since in most cases, only holes of approximately 10 mm diameters are drilled in the ground in a very localized area.

The operations are carried out quickly, in a few days at most, and cleanly. The injection procedures therefore make it possible to reduce the duration of work and, as a result, the financial costs.


Environmentally friendly

Solinjection® uses a wide range of injectable products depending on the characteristics of the damage to be treated. Polyurethane foam is an inert product with no impact on the environment or occupants’ health.

Occupant safety

There is far less disruption to users of the premises concerned while work is being carried out than in the case of conventional procedures.

Indeed, users may continue their activities completely safely since the areas of operation are very localized, noise nuisance is very low and vibration is almost non-existent. The public cannot access the injection area for obvious safety reasons.

However, as soon as injection operations are completed, and provided the premises are ventilated normally, the occupants may use them again immediately.

Polyurethane foam in this form presents no danger to the occupants. Polyurethane foam is not a carcinogenic product.

Worker safety

The team must comprise a minimum of two people. They are equipped with a first aid management manual in case an accident should occur.

Injection work does not involve the manufacture of foam in the open air. As a precautionary measure the operators wear personal protective gear while injection work is being carried out.

Injection equipment

Solinjection® has mobile workshops that are equipped for this type of work and a site facility that complies with the Labour Code.

They are usually 10 or 19-tonne trucks that are approximately eight to 11 meters long depending on site access constraints.

These trucks have the means of producing electricity, compressed air and injection material. The equipment installed on the trucks is high performance and make it possible to operate at a radius of 80 meters around the vehicle. If necessary, specialized equipment can be used to increase the radius of action to 150 from the truck.


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