Clay treatment


Recent decades have shown that the drying of soil resulting from an exceptional lack of rainfall can affect the stability of structures.

Pathologies need to be treated

Our exclusive SAFE CLAY® solution treats problems associated with the differential settlement of the foundations of buildings, paving cast in situ or backfill mainly comprising plastic clays that are sensitive to hydric variations (e.g. cracking houses after a drought).


Cracks in the structure of a house

Purpose of the solution

The purpose of the SAFE CLAY® injection solution is to limit sensitivity to the hydric variations of the soil treated in order to reduce or even eliminate the impact of drying and  rehydration phenomena on the clay soils treated.

The purpose of this injection work is to limit the impact of drying and rehydration on clayey phenomena on soils treated with this solution.

The technology developed by SOLINJECTION consists of increasing the impermeability of the clayey soil. To do this, we inject a specific expanding resin, specially developed by European Polyurethane®. This resin is almost entirely water resistant.

The SAFE CLAY® injection method creates layers of very impermeable soil. Cracks in the ground are filled using expanding resin. The creation of impermeable layers prevent the major variation in the water content of the soil which cause the shrinking and swelling movements that undermine the stability of the building.

The feasibility of the SAFE CLAY® solution is studied by our engineers after analysis of the characteristics of the soil, the structure in and its environment. It is also subject to approval by a soil engineering firm.


Treatment of the soil by polyurethane foam to treat clayey soil

Injection diagram


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