Filling underground voids


Pathologies requiring immediate intervention

Within the context of work to reinforce the soil or subgrade, situations can arise in which cavities are created that threaten the stability of the structures and/or their operation in satisfactory conditions.

Purpose of the solution

SOLINJECTION has developed a technique for filling natural or accidental cavities using an expansive polyurethane foam called RENFORVOID®.

This involves filling cavities as part of emergency work or definitive work:

  • Either superficial cavities that can be accessed from above,
  • Or underground cavities accessed through direct intervention by an operator

This is an alternative or additional technique to filling cavities by injecting grout and mortar.

Depending on the diagnosis of the disorders, it may be necessary, in addition to the RENFORVOID® solution, to reinforce the soil around this cavity using the SOIL COMPACTING® solution, underground cavities accessible to direct intervention by an operator.




The state of the cellar before filling and removal of the debris The state of the cellar during filling Filling of a cavity by expansive polyurethane foam


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