The purpose of the RENFORSLAB® solution is to raise paving by filling the interface between the paving and the ground with expanding polyurethane foam.

The RENFORSLAB® solution is applied to raise all types of paving (residential, commercial, industrial, road, motorway and airport, etc.).


Diagrammatic cross-section of paving on an earth platform


The RENFORSLAB® solution is a very effective solution for raising settled paving. It consists of injecting expanding resin into the interface between the settled paving and its foundation soil. The resin expands and fills this space. Injection operations continue until the desired level of the paving is reached. If necessary, before performance work to raise the paving, work is carried out to improve the foundation soil under the slab by means of the SOIL COMPACTING® solution, for example.

If the diagnosis demonstrates stabilisation of the foundation soil under the paving, the RENFORSLAB® solution may be used without work to reinforce the soil.

This solution is ideal for returning the subsided paving to original condition without having to demolish it.

Wherever possible, holes can be drilled for injection through joints between the slabs. 
The depth of the injections depends entirely on the depth of the voids under the paving.

If the depth of the voids under the paving exceeds 50cm, the RENFORVOID® solution will be used before the paving is raised.

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