Within the context of work to reinforce the soil or subgrade, situations can arise in which cavities are created and threaten to undermine the stability and/or satisfactory operation of the structures.

The purpose of the RENFORSLAB® solution is urgently or definitively to fill certain cavities.

This involves filling superficial cavities that can be accessed from above or underground cavities accessed directly through the intervention of an operator. At present, deeper pits are not treated with this application.

Filling a cavity with polyurethane foam

 The RENFORVOID® solution remains technically and financially more suitable than customary concrete filling solutions. Indeed, besides its reduced cost, it prevents the creation of a significant overload of concrete that could make the damage more serious.

During inspection operations, in addition to visual inspection, drilled sampling or even dynamic penetrometer tests may be considered to determine both the filling of the cavity and the mechanical characteristics of the foam used.

Depending on the diagnosis of the disorders, it may be necessary, in addition to the RENFORVOID® solution, to reinforce the soil around this cavity using the SOIL COMPACTING®  solution.

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