The SOIL COMPACTING® solution is used where geotechnical investigations performed show that the bearing strength of the soil (which is not or not very plastic) is insufficient to bear the load exerted by the constructions satisfactorily.
(In the case of plastic soils, the SAFE CLAY® solution will be used.)

The SOIL COMPACTING® procedure is particularly used to treat the following pathologies:

- Differential settlement of the foundations of load-bearing structures or paving constructed in-situ or on backfill with insufficient initial load-bearing capacity

- Differential settlement of foundations or paving constructed on ground that has undergone a significant reduction in its load bearing capacity on account of external factors (water leakage, local earthwork, etc.)

- Foreseeable settlement in the event of the increase of loads caused by construction (for example, change of operation or destination, modification of the foundation system)


The purpose of the solution

The purpose of the  SOIL COMPACTING®solution is to increase the load-bearing capacity of the soil by densification of the soil and neutralisation of areas with insufficient constraint. We perform soil load-bearing tests and, in particular, dynamic penetrometer surveys at the end of injection work in the area treated. Injection operations stop when the required load-bearing capacities are obtained independently of any movement of the soil and the structure.

The injection of the  SOIL COMPACTING® solution causes two types of deformation in the ground:

Reversible deformation without displacement of the ground (impregnation injection)

Irreversible deformations with displacement of the ground but without soil breakdown.

The injection techniques used by SOLINJECTION® prevent all breakdown or hydrofracturing types of soil deformation.

Depending on the depth of the soil to be treated, the SOLINJECTION engineer will determine the method of performance of the work and, in particular, the number of injection lances to be used. As the SOIL COMPACTING® solution allows treatment of the soil to a depth of up to approximately 10m, several lances per injection point are required to reach depths below 3m.

The following table summarises the depth of treatment as well as the name of the resin used.   



Type of resin


Depth (m)





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